Thursday, April 17, 2014


That's right..they're here...and about to be a surprise gift for all the COVETED! peeps in SL!

Easter Bunny PJs top with Lola Tango/Mirage Applier
 Easter Bunny PJs booty shorts
Bunny ears & tail
Matching slippers
BONUS! Button nose bunny w/ ten poses!

The rest of you can buy it for only 99L on marketplace. :P

Sunday, April 13, 2014

EGG HUNT! WHETHER IT'S TARN EGG OR EASTER....there's a few in the stores beginning Tuesday April 15-21, 2014



1. Request & Return the Merchant Application to Exotica (Tifridh Fallen)

2.  Place one to a gazillion eggs at your store, filled with something you sell in your store or on the SL Marketplace. Each egg should cost between $10 -$25L and the prizes in the eggs worth more then the egg. please, use notices to promote your store. 

3.  During hunt events, have your hunt item out with the correct permissions BEFORE the hunt begins.

4. Daily a list of participating  stores in the 2014 Egg Hunt will be sent to this group, "A Slave's Life" and Raid messenger of Gor (plus my own). Please distribute to your store group if you have one as well.

5. If you would like me to add your eggs' photo, hints, texture of 'prize' on  the Gorean & Medieval blog, please send fp textures to Exotica (Tifridh Fallen).