Friday, March 7, 2014

Dina in the Pleasure Garden in MIDNIGHT

It's that time again....and a new camisk has been developed. 
This comes in the 5 standard sizes plus 2 additional ones...from XXS to XXlarge.
Lola Tango appliers *obviously* aren't needed for this ensemble!

Also included are a matching set of mesh bangles and an OpenCollar scripted collar with three dina flowers. 

"...Yet I had been made a 'dina.' He had not done this for economic reasons. He had 'sized me up,' my nature and my body. He had decided the dina brand would be, for me, exquisitely 'right.' Accordingly, he had burned it into my flesh. Now, in my body, deeply, I wore the 'slave flower.' " Slave Girl of Gor, page 65

Look for new colors  coming out soon!

Monday, March 3, 2014

35L Sundays

COVETED! has joined the 35L Sundays sale list.

Click here to view the 35L Sunday blog


Just a few goodies....upstairs at COVETED!

All COVETED! Gacha items are them or give as gifts!

JUST 1 L a PLAY....
                                              KNOTTED GLASS BEADS

Wear them or pass them away! Only 1L for the transferrable beads!


Only 25L a play....

Commons: five different Mardi Gras fabric rigged mesh halter tops! Each "win" includes the same top in five standard sizes + alpha layer.

Rare: three mesh  crowns, Onyx, Mardi Gras  & Gold. 

Ultra Rare:  Epic Mardi Gras crown--a gold fleur di lis on top,  jewelled, the center slowly spins...a true work of art to light your face!  After all, it is Mardi Gras and the men's a little lower focused today!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pre Mardi Gras Weekend!

Let them eat cake!!  <lifts her top up over the gentle slope of her full JJ breasts> Give me your beads!

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, I have developed and packaged some hot outfits..the first POLE DANCING:

Priced at only's an easy choice...especially when it debuts as COVETED!'s choice  for the 24L x 24 Hours sale March 1.

Next is Fleur di Lis....I've always wanted to make something with a hoop skirt...

But my first outfit I created this fall...was in a color that is predicted to be fashionable this spring...neon.... 
This little get up is called "Runway"....

Well, no runway would be complete without it's alter ego...

Last but not least, this Spring's illuminated multi-colored gown with Lola tango applier goes from eye catching pop of color when standing billowing hyponotic waves as you walk....    SPRING CHARMING!

A two-dimensionsal image just don't do it justice....
The gown will be be an into price of only $50L 
but only until midnight, PST March 3, 2014.